Huang Min-Kon presented a Chinese scroll urging Malaysian Tankung to strive higher.

07 Nov 2013

30th Anniversary Celebration at Lumut

04 Nov 2013

We have successfully celebrated the above occassion from 25 Oct 2013 to 27 Oct 2013 at Marina Island Resort Lumut with exciting memory for all participants. There were about one thousand participants from Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia.  Our President Bro Lee Sak Yon and the past President Sister Tan Tat Chin both delivered speeches which left all with great impact and constituted a challenge to members of waitankung to make changes and improvement. Their summary of their respective speeches would be published soon in this website. On the same occasion,  the executive committee of the World Tankung Federation was given a new term of tenure with President Brother Huang, Min-Kon at the helm.  Brother Lee Sak Yon and Singapore Tankung Head  Sister Irene Chan Lai Yoke were appointed as deputies, besides two more deputies from Taiwan.  The theory of the Five Fingers Penetrating the Heart Kung expounded by World President Bro Huang would intrigue those who wish to pursue  Tankung to a high sphere. We welcome you to translate the text into English for posting in this website. 

Wu Zhi Tong Xin Gong and Zuo Shi WTK

05 Jul 2013

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Working Committee 30th Anniversary Celebration

08 Jun 2013

30th Anniversary Celebration Working Committee Photo with the National

President Bro Lee Sak Yen sitting at the centre. 

Commemorate Service

23 Mar 2013

Central Exco members commemorate the departure of our beloved Grandmaster Haji Chang Chi-tung. The 17th memorial service held at the National Head Office hall was led by our National Chairman Brother Lee. During this unavoidable sad moment, let us gather our strength to continue to promote Waitankung and spread the goodwill to all our fellow Malaysians as aspired by our Grandmaster.

The 1st Meeting of 15th Committee for Central Delegates

16 Jan 2013
The 1st Meeting of 15th Committee for Central Delegates was successfully held on Sunday 9th December 2012 @9.45am at 5th Floor Dynasty Hotel, Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur.

。 A total of 217 delegates from all branches throughout the country were present . This year being an election year, the newly elected Executive Committee Members and Central Committee Members are as follows:-

Presicent - Lee Sak Yon

Deputy President -Lim Kon Kwee

Vice President - Lai Teong Yee

Secretary General -Yek Nai Ging

Deputy Secretary General-Goh Wai Wah

Treasurer General- Choo Peng Kwan

National Chief Instructor -Goh Teng Pu

Chinese Secretary -Yap Kha Fah

Bahasa/ English Secretary - Wong Lian Kong

Central Committee Members are as follows:-

10. Lee Aik Kong(207) 1.Fong Choon (205) 12. Toh Say Eng(200)

13.Ng Jit Sing (200) 14。Lim Kim Mong (196) 15.Liew Saw Yoong196)

16.Ooi Ah Hock(194)17. Wau Chee Luen (189) 18.Lu Hoi Kai(189)

19.Tee Mom Ming (187) 20.Yap Hee Keng(180) 21.Chong Kew (169)

22.Hew Ha(163) 23.Khoo Kim Kee (158) 24.Lim Chin Kim (129)

Engllish Translation of WTK Song

27 Nov 2012
English Translation of Waitankung Song

The warm breeze beings along good tidings to our practice court,

Tankung is beneficial to both the middle agesand the elderly and it

assembles us all together side by side to practice WTK diligently

without interruption days and nights.

Let our hearts and minds be one, our bodies would be stronger,

Our minds would be peaceful and sanguine,

Our aim is striving to build a strong nation and healthy people,

We wish to cultivate a stronger character, to be punctual, law abiding

and be self-disciplined,

We wish to pay tribute to Tankung,

for benefiting our society and bringing good health to all,

Let us unite and promote our Tankung culture,

Propagating it with one mind and soul,

Let the spirit of Tankung, warming up the

hearts and minds of the world;

And let the voices of our singing reverberating along the sound of good health

1st AGM for 15th Session

17 Aug 2011
1st AGM for 15th Session shall be held on Sunday morning

of 9th December 2012 at 9.30am ,Dynasty Hotel, Ipoh Road, Kuala Lumpur.

more than 100 Central Delegates from all branches throughout the country are expected to attended.

A welcoming dinner for all central delegates shall also be held on Saturday evening on 8th December 2012 at the same

venue together with the annual Mandarin Karaoke Singing Competition

First Meeting of 14th Central Delegates' AGM

26 Dec 2010
The 1st Meeting of the 14th Central Delegates' AGM was

successfully held on Sunday 12th December 2010 @10 a.m.

on 5th Floor, Dynasty Hotel, Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur.

As this was an Election Year, 222 Central Delegates from all

over the country attend.

Our Society's Adviser Sis. Tan Tat Chin was the guest of honour

and she declared open the AGM.

The following Central Delegates were elected

to the Central Committee.

1. Chong Teak Lai (David Chong)- Putra

2. Lim Kon Kwee - Negri Sembilan

3. Lai Teong Yee - Muar

4. Lee Sak Yong - Petaling Jaya

5. Yek Nai Ging - Manjong

6. Goh Teng Pu - Sebarang Prai (North)

7. Yap Kha Fah - Kuala Lumpur

8. Lee Keng Seng - Petaling Jaya

9. Koh Han Heong - Petaling Jaya

10.Wong Lin Kong - Selangor South

11.Lee Aik Kong - Kelantan

12.Yap Hee Keng - Pelis

13.Fong Chan - Pahang West

14.Wai Chee Luen - Pahang East

15.Liew Saw Yong - Kuala Lumpur

16.Lim Kam Mong - Johor Baru

17.Loke Sew Kheong - Kinta

18.Toh Say Eng - Trengganu

19.Lim Chin Kim - Kuala Lumpur

20.Ng Jit Seng - Melaka

21.Teow Peng Khoon - Kedah North

22.Tee Mom Ming - Kuantan Central

23.Ooi Ah Hock - Pulau Pinang

Auditors: See Seng Hong (KL) & Hooi Sum Kwai (PJ)

The following were elected to the Executive Committee:

President: Chong Teak Lai

Deputy President Lim Kon Kwee

Vice President: Lai Teong Yee

Secretary General: Lee Sak Yon

Asst. Secretary General: Koh Hun Heong

Chief Instructor: Goh Teng Pu

Treasurer-General: Yek Nai Ging

Chinese Correspondence-Secretary : Yap Kha Fah

BM/Eng Correspondence-Secretary: Lee Keng Ssng

Meeting guests from overseas; -

15 May 2010
(1) Our National President Bro. David Chong met fellow Waitankung practitioner from Switzerland

Fellow Waitankung practitioner Mr. Kwik Eng San from Switzerland visited our HQ premises on morning of 22nd February 2010 and was received by our National President Bro. David Chong.

Mr. Kwik, 53 years of age, was originally from Indonesia but has migrated to Switzerland more than 20 years ago. He currently works in the Insurance business and has learned Waitankung for 3 years from one called Mr. Lee Hong Thye from Germany. He has only learned the 12 stances of Waitankung proper and not the Han Induction exercises. So, the purpose of his visit is to learn up Han Induction Exercises from us. Our HQ thus arranged 3 brothers form Petaling Jaya Branch - Huang Chang Song, Woo Chin Lin and Lee Keng Seng to assist Mr. learn up the Han Induction Exercises.Mr. Kwik spend the whole morning learning up these warming up exercises. Mr. Kwik came to know our Society in 2009 through our Web-site on the Internet.


(2) 8th April 2010. Bro. Kwik Eng San brought two fellow Waitankung practitioners from Berlin, Germany to our HQ to learn Waitankung. They are Mr. Lee Hong Thye and Ms. Casta Schwabe. Both spent the morning learning the correct stances from our National Chief Instructor Bro. Goh Teng Pu.

Present to receive our guests from overseas were National President Bro. David Chong, Hon. Secretary Bro. Lai Teong Yee and Bahasa and English Secretary Bro. Lee Keng Seng

(3) 23/4/10 Bro. Ng Tjan Min from Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia got in touch with HQ through our Website and made arrangement to visit us on this date.He visited our PJ Branch's Section 17,PJCC Waitankung Centre during the evening,then visited our Arena Sukan Centre on Sunday morning; thereafter, he visited our HQ to practise Waitankung with our PJ Branch Instructor Bro. Lim Chin.Our National President Bro. David Chong was also present to meet Bro. Ng from Indonesia. .

Inauguration of World Tankung Alliance

29 Apr 2009
The World Tankung Alliance ws inaugurated on 16th October 2009 at Taipei, Taiwan.

President of Zhong Hua Waitankung & Neitankung Society of Malaysia Brother Chong Teak Lai was elected as the Deputy Chairman of the World Alliance. Our Deputy President Brother Loh Moi Sung was also elected as Permanent Committee Member.

The next Meeting of the Alliance shall be held in Singapore next year.

Welcome to Waitankung Online - English

18 Feb 2003
Waitankung initially utilizes respiration through the nose, like in the Yu Bei Shi when we stand with both arms hanging. This movement regulates the breathing of the lungs, leading to slow, gentle, even and long respiration flowing slowly to the abdomen. When the breath reaches the diaphragm, it expands(moves down) and contracts(moves up). This abdominal pressure causes the blood to return to the heart, which provides oxygenated blood to be circulated to all parts of the body; we will feel calm and relaxed.

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New National Training Committee

11 Jan 2007
The New National Training Sub-Committee Members are as follows:-

Chairman: Goh Teng Pu

Members: Liew Saw Yong (KL),

Ooi Ah Hock (Penang),

Chan Chu (JB),

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